Australian Payments Plus (AP+) today announced its digital identity solution, ConnectID, is now available to ANZ Plus customers. AP+ developed ConnectID to enable people to securely verify their identity to businesses without having to repeatedly share unnecessary data about themselves.

The partnership further strengthens security for ANZ Plus customers by helping reduce data sharing and protecting customers against identity theft and fraud.

Instead of providing proof of identity documents, ANZ Plus customers can now ask a participating business to verify them using the information they already trust ANZ Plus to look after.

Importantly, ConnectID does not see or store personal information. Rather, it acts as a bridge between an organisation that wants to verify someone’s identity and the organisation providing that verification, and only when the customer authorises it. This means ConnectID combines the convenience of real time identity verification with enhanced security and customer consent.

In September 2021, ConnectID became the first non-government operator of a digital identity exchange to be accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) which sets standards, rules and guidelines based on international best practice. In March this year, AP+ welcomed the passage by the Senate of the Digital ID Bills as a step forward for the digital economy.

ConnectID Managing Director Andrew Black said: “We are delighted to have ANZ Plus go live with ConnectID. Its customers will enjoy greater control over what personal data is shared with and used by a business. ConnectID also ensures consumer and business convenience and confidence, with fast and secure identity verification.

“AP+ is excited to welcome ANZ Plus on this journey, leveraging the benefits of ConnectID to deliver greater functionality and security for customers and businesses in Australia.”

ANZ General Manager, Customer & Identity Services, Gabriel Steele said: “We’re pleased to help ANZ Plus customers keep control of their identity and minimise the sharing of data for services where this is not necessary. Not only do we see this better protecting our customers from the evolving threat of cybercrime, but we believe there’s an equally significant opportunity to reduce the risk our business customers face in holding more data than required.”

“In partnership with ConnectID, we are excited to provide ANZ Plus customers with the choice to use a secure, convenient method to verify their identity with a growing list of approved merchants. We look forward to shaping the network to provide even greater customer value.”

For more information on how AP+ is modernising how Australians can securely share less of their identity information, please visit

Here’s how ConnectID verifies a customer’s identity without seeing or storing any data:


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