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Why ConnectID

For when you need to prove who you are ConnectID is here to help by only sharing the information that is required, keeping you in control. With your consent, ConnectID enables the secure transfer of data without ever seeing or storing your personal information. ​

“This is a moment of truth, having a national digital identity ecosystem for Australia backed by some of the largest organisations in the country in terms of size, coverage and trust.”

Andrew Black – Managing Director, ConnectID at AP+

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“Commonwealth Bank is supportive of ConnectID which will simplify customer identification and authentication needs for both businesses and consumers across the economy. It will help keep consumers’ data safer online, with strong security and privacy controls.”

Katherine Sleeth – General Manager, Open Banking at CBA


“This represents a significant and exciting milestone in the journey towards enabling both NAB customers and the wider community to go about their digital lives more securely, whilst supporting growth and confidence in the Australian digital economy.”

Brad Carr - Digital Governance Executive at NAB


We’re pleased to help ANZ Plus customers keep control of their identity and minimise the sharing of data for services where this is not necessary.

Gabriel Steele - General Manager, Customer & Identity Services at ANZ

Introducing ConnectID

Confirming your identity. Connecting you to who you need.

ConnectID connects convenience with confidence. Precision with privacy. Knowing you’re only sharing exactly what you need to, exactly when it’s needed – and knowing that your data is being kept safe at every step.​

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When you choose ConnectID you'll be able to verify your identity in real time using an organisation you already trust, like your bank. ConnectID is not an app so there is no separate account to set up - it’s the simple way to keep life moving.

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ConnectID will always ask for your consent before any information is shared, meaning you're always in control of what information is shared and when. Your data is then transferred securely - so you can breathe easy.

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ConnectID is accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and built to the standards set by the Australian Government, so you know your data is safe and secure. ConnectID is an initiative of Australian Payments Plus (AP+). AP+ brings together eftpos, BPAY and NPP Australia, as one organisation to shape the future of payments.

A part of your every day Prove who you are. ​Simply and Securely.

When you make a purchase or sign up to a new service online, you are often required to share personal information such as your name, address, date of birth and more. Instead of manually filling in forms with ConnectID you can use the information you have stored with an organisation you already trust to verify your identity.

Take control of your data

It’s your identity, you’re in the driver seat. 

  • You choose which trusted source to share your data from and you can use the same source each time. 
  • You will always be asked to review and provide your consent to share
  • Eliminates the need to share physical identity documents such as licenses and passports. 
  • ConnectID only shares the information that is required, helping you reduce the amount of data you share. 
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Making proving who you are simple

In the moments that matter, you need to prove that you are really you. 

  • Enabled through participating organisations so there is no need to sign up or download a separate app.
  • You are verified using information stored by an organisation you already trust, no manual forms, sharing physical documents or filling in data. 
  • Your information is only shared with organisations that are approved to join the ConnectID network – so you know your data is going where it should be. 
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Your identity, your way  How does ConnectID work?

‘Verify with ConnectID’

  • To verify your identity when you complete a purchase or sign up to a new service online.
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your Identity Provider

  • Choose an organisation you already trust, like your bank. You’ll then be re-directed to your Identity Provider platform to authenticate yourself.
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and provide consent

  • Once authenticated by your Identity Provider, you will need to review the information being requested and give your consent to share.
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Your verification
is complete

  • In real time you’ll then be redirected back to the business to finalise your transaction or sign-up process.
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