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Improved operations

Easily verify customers’ identity through a trusted source, no need to manually collect or validate customer information

improved operations

Safe and sound

Reduce your need to collect or store copies of sensitive documents like driver licenses or passports

safe and sound

Simpler experience

Give your customers an easy simplified experience

simpler experience

Onboarding new customers

Improve your customer onboarding, simplify data capture and reduce fraud risk.

icon secure authorisation

Age verification

Verify your customer's age in real time ensuring your business is complying with legislation at point of sale.

age verification

Seamless checkout

Simplify your checkout experience for customers, minimise data collection and reduce the risk of fraud.

icon payments

Secure authentication & authorisations

Increase confidence that it really is your customer in those moments that matter.

icon secure authorisation

Payments integration

Have confidence that you're paying the right person by receiving validated bank account or PayID® details.

icon payments

Document signing

Ensure that critical documents are being signed by the right person each time.

icon doc signing