Referoo joins the ConnectID network, marking the first business to bring this leading solution to Australian recruiters

ConnectID®, an initiative of Australian Payments Plus (AP+), has announced integrations with online referencing solution Referoo, to provide robust, real-time, bank-grade identity authentication.  

ConnectID went live earlier this month with the backing of major Australian banks and is a new, secure digital identity solution that connects businesses to customer data they can trust and gives individuals greater control over their data and privacy.   

As they build their digital identity ecosystem across multiple industries including real estate, fintech, HR, retail, and utilities, ConnectID aims to provide peace of mind when it comes to verifying identity online, and reducing the need for businesses to manually collect, store or validate sensitive documents.  

The innovative digital identity solution uses existing trusted sources, such as a person’s bank, to verify their identity. Verification is completed in real-time through a secure data exchange, without the need for ConnectID to see or store the data.  

People simply select their chosen verification source, and once authorised, they’ll review and approve the information being sent.   

As workplaces modernise, the bar for identity authentication has been raised and issues like overhandling candidate documents, compliance and security are now top of mind. Employees and references also need to trust the employer is handling their sensitive documents properly. ConnectID aims to solve this for companies like Referoo, providing substantial benefits for all involved parties.  

For Referoo users, this means an added layer of certainty as the data comes from an already trusted and verified source. For candidates and referees, it’s the security and peace of mind that they have greater control over the information they share.  

“It’s simple, effective, and it’s a game-changer for Referoo users and their stakeholders,” said Referoo CEO Neil Rose, “Certainty of identity is critical when it comes to who you’re hiring and who is recommending them. But in today’s world, we can be reluctant to share our identity data more widely than necessary, and rightly so.”   

“ConnectID is the secure bridge between trusted identity sources and your business so you can deliver a better candidate and referee experience while maintaining the highest level of data security.” 

“Referoo is excited to be amongst the first businesses in Australia to go live with this cutting-edge solution,” Rose concludes.  

“ConnectID can follow the entire employee journey from optimising job finding to more seamless employee experiences, providing the certainty that comes with knowing exactly what’s being shared and with whom, and the confidence their sensitive data is secure when doing so,” says Andrew Black, Managing Director of ConnectID.     

Black continues, “For there to be enhanced trust between businesses and employees, there needs to be a re-evaluation of how data is collected, stored and managed, but more importantly, there needs to be transparency as to what the data is used for and visibility across who’s responsible for protecting it.” 

Existing Referoo users can begin using ConnectID to verify candidate and referee identity immediately. Those interested in faster, more secure and high-quality reference checking can learn more about Referoo and start a 14-day free trial at   

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About ConnectID
ConnectID® is an Australian-owned digital identity solution which will make it easier for customers to verify who they are, using organisations they already trust. ConnectID does not see or store any data, it simply acts as the bridge that connects businesses to trusted and reliable identity data with customer consent, giving individuals more control over how their information is used and shared. 

ConnectID was the first non-government digital identity exchange accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and is supported by major Australian banks. ConnectID is an initiative of Australian Payments Plus (AP+) which brings together eftpos, BPAY and NPP Australia as one organisation. To find out more, visit 

ConnectID began rolling out across participating organisations in October 2023. 

About Referoo
Referoo is the leading Australian owned online reference checking provider. Designed to make it easy to generate fast and secure reference checks, Referoo’s suite of tools is customisable to any business, of any size. Its simple, fast, efficient reference-checking platform, gives human resources and recruiters qualified candidates, fast. 

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