Small business owners get digital identity protection after ServiceSeeking joins ConnectID ecosystem

ConnectID, the Australian Payments Plus (AP+) owned digital identity ecosystem, has announced it’s welcoming ServiceSeeking to the network; a leading online marketplace for Small to Medium Enterprises. The integration offers a fast, secure, and user-friendly identity verification process, significantly improving the experience for service providers.

Through ConnectID, service providers can seamlessly verify their identity using an existing trusted source, such as their bank, reducing the need for manual data entry and fraud risks associated with sharing sensitive information directly.  

Oliver Pennington, Co-Founder and Director from ServiceSeeking shared, “We were looking for a better way to confirm the identities of our business members – a solution that was reliable and efficient. Often ID verification solutions can be a bit clunky, relying on manual data input of driver’s licence, passport details or Medicare information.  

“We felt that ConnectID would offer a faster and easier option for our members, while equally providing heightened security. Trust is especially important in our industry, particularly when conducting online transactions or entering someone’s private space. Digital ID solutions like ConnectID help us understand who we can trust and who we should, or should not, engage in business. It makes sure our network is safe,” Pennington continued. 

ConnectID’s integration with ServiceSeeking marks a significant step forward in digital identity solutions, setting a new standard for security and reliability in online interactions for business owners using marketplaces. Through ConnectID, service providers can have their identities verified with ServiceSeeking in a secure and privacy-preserving way; and customers will have greater confidence in their chosen trade.  

Rick Iversen, Head of Product & Scheme for ConnectID at AP+, emphasised the significance of digital identity to create safer online environments. “We welcome ServiceSeeking into the ConnectID network. By joining ConnectID, organisations can increase the trust in their online platform while reducing the need for sharing of ID documents.”  

The addition of ServiceSeeking to ConnectID’s ecosystem is yet another example of how digital identity can reduce the need for businesses to manually collect, store or validate sensitive documents while benefitting from a secure and convenient verification processes. 

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About ConnectID
ConnectID is an Australian-owned digital identity solution which makes it easier for customers to verify who they are, using organisations they already trust. ConnectID does not see or store any data, it simply acts as the bridge that connects businesses to trusted and reliable identity data with customer consent, giving individuals more control over how their information is used and shared.    

ConnectID was the first non-government digital identity exchange accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and is supported by major Australian banks. ConnectID is an initiative of Australian Payments Plus (AP+) which brings together eftpos, BPAY and NPP Australia as one organisation. To find out more, visit   

ConnectID began rolling out across participating organisations in October 2023.    

About ServiceSeeking is an Australian online marketplace for local trades and services like Plumbers, Gardeners and Electricians. Since 2007, millions of Aussie homeowners have used the website to connect with the right local businesses to do their jobs. 


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